Our Story

I’ve always enjoyed the feeling I get when I wear a bow tie. It’s something about being different and the attention it brings that causes the driving force for my fashions. Growing up one of the lessons I learned was not traveling down the same old road, looking like all the others but being courageous enough to create my own look. Throughout my life I lived with this mindset.

My desire for a different bow tie one Saturday morning took me up a path which led to a full fledge operational bow tie company. It started with carving and wearing my own handcrafted wood bow tie and seeing the response I received from friends, family and strangers asking where did I get it from and how could they get one? After handcrafting quite a few wood bow ties it wasn’t long before I started designing and making fabric bow ties as well.  It was at this point that I realized this was my passion.

I have used this passion to further my heart’s desire to mentor kids. For several years I’ve spent hours volunteering my time to mentor young men. Imagine the feeling the first time we give them a bow tie to wear. It’s uplifting. The feeling of pride, a sense of self-worth for some.

When you wear one of our ties, you’re not only wearing our story… you’re helping by giving hope and changing lives of our youth.