Why Should You Wear a Bow Tie?

Why Should You Wear a Bow Tie?

Perhaps the question should be Why Wouldn't You Wear a Bow Tie? The overall statement made by wearing a bow tie is reason enough to wear one. So you wonder what statement? I, like any other bow tie aficionado would be happy to tell you.

First and foremost a bow tie projects confidence, makes others notice you, shows planning,  adds more flexibility to your wardrobe and are great conversation starters.

  • Projects confidence - Just by wearing it shows you're confident enough to be different. While other men follow what they perceive as normal by sticking to neck ties... not you. 
  • Makes others notice you - See for yourself. Walk into a room with a bow tie on and watch what happens. People look because it causes a magnet to metal effect. We bow tie wearers love it.
  • Shows planning - Pairing a bow tie with an outfit is not like reaching into a bag of jellybeans and grabbing whatever comes out. Oh no... may you never take that approach. Take your time planning your outfit otherwise you'll miss out on all the benefits of wearing a bow tie. See our blog "The Do's and Don'ts."
  •  Adds more flexibility to your wardrobe - Bow ties are generally less expensive than regular ties, which mean you can buy more of them. Unlike regular ties, there are  many more patterns to choose from. You can completely change an outfit by adding a different bow tie.
  • Great conversation starters - Talk about breaking the ice. A few weeks ago I went to a business network event wearing a bow tie and within the first ten minutes I had received two compliments which led to great conversations. As the evening progressed I received several more ice breaking compliments. Many of our customers share the same experience when wearing their bow ties.

So the next time you see someone wearing a bow tie ask yourself "Why am I not wearing a bow tie?"

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Wallace Gentry, The Bow Style 

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