Are You The Bow Tie Guy?

Are You The Bow Tie Guy?

Everyone likes to be noticed and remembered. I can say once I started wearing bow ties that’s exactly what happened to me. I became known as the Bow Tie Guy! In a world where people come and go introductions made and names exchanged, often times out of sight means out of mind. Once I began wearing bow ties I noticed something quite different. Even though sometimes people didn’t remember my name chances are they remembered my bow ties. Case and point last week while enjoying a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop a woman came up to me and said you’re the bow tie guy… right? That single question made a power point to me especially because I wasn’t wearing a bow at the time. Point is “People remember the guy in the Bow Tie.” Though relatively small and insignificant by most individuals, why would a bow tie cause someone to remember you?

Well consider the following:

  1. Bow ties can separate you from every other man in the room.
  2. Men who wear bow ties exude a certain confidence
  3. Shows creativity
  4. Reflects your individuality and shows your desire to separate from the crowd
  5. And… my personal favorite is it establishes eye to face contact allowing people to remember your face.

Not sure? Try it for yourself and notice what happens. Many of “The Bow Style’s” new customers sending messages and emails about how they get noticed and the compliments they often receive when wearing a bow tie. So the next time you want to make a statement wear a bow tie from The Bow Style!

To Jenny who referred to me as “The Bow Tie Guy”… Thanks for remembering me!

Now that we understand what a bow tie can do for you, please check-out our collection of handmade bow ties at As a “thank you” for reading this article save 10% by using code: 8397.

Wallace Gentry, The Bow Style

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