Why Are Bow Ties So Stylish? Bowties are the supreme neckwear for gentlemen of dapper style. Handmade self-tie bowties by The Bow Style are gaining popularity from men of style.


In the fast evolving fashion sphere bow ties always reign supreme as neckwear. But why are bow ties so stylish? Any bow tie wearer will tell you a self-tie bow tie is hailed as a beacon of confidence, personality and individual style. As a matter of fact, by the mid 1880s, the bow tie had become a staple in every man's wardrobe. Seems like bowties are not only rich in color, but also in history.

What does wearing a bow tie symbolize?

When it comes to a gentleman's wardrobe, artistically-inclined selftie bow ties are original, and meaningful. Our handmade bow ties are a way to represent and display pure uncaged creativity.

With large variety of premium fabrics of silk, cotton, satin and velvet, our goal is to offer person the confidence to be different with a bow tie from The Bow Style. Bow ties are, after all, an accessory that forces us to embrace our distinctive sense of style in daily life.

Bowties are the perfect finishing touch to every ensemble that will make that outstanding first impression. Styling the perfect outfit for every occasion takes thoughtfulness. A gentleman who understands the importance of selecting a exceptional bow tie is not only well-versed in style and fashion, but proves he is an perceptive and sharp witted person.

Bow ties are perfect complement for formal or casual looks.

While bow ties were previously viewed as formal occasion accessory only, they are view as a necessary detail for the classic gentleman of style. Our wide range bowtie collection is filled with many different fabrics and prints like paisley, striped, floral,  polka dots and geometric patterns handcrafted for modern adaptions for dapper man of style.

Bow ties are classic and timeless.

From politicians, doctors, lawyers and businessmen, bow ties have been an ever present addition to a gentlemen's wardrobe for decades. In 2022, they are continuing to increase in popularity. Whether you prefer subtle geometric or medallion prints to more vibrant bold attention grabbing floral, paisley, stripes or polka dots just wearing a bow tie will get you noticed immediately. As Christopher Peterson PhD at Psychology Today puts it "bowties attract attention."

Bow ties are a modern and fresh neckwear.

Bow ties are not only for exclusive formal occasions, they are also perfect for business, casual and everyday life. The bow tie is ranked as one of the most stylish accessories gentleman select to represent the exclamation point for their outfit. Our bow ties come in a large variety of styles, shapes and designs to fit whatever style statement you're seeking to capture. When you wear a bow tie your modern day confidence is undeniable.  Bowties by The Bow Style are created classic look and designed for the dapper lifestyle. 

Bow ties look more polished.

If there is one thing most fashion conscious men hate is having a messy appearance. While traditional ties are very prone to wrinkles and creases that often takes away from the overall style statement. Not to mention the spill spots on neckties. Bow ties are not threatened by these types of style mishaps.

Best Handmade Bow Ties in the USA

At The Bow Style, we handmake bow ties and accessories to compliment the dapper gentleman's wardrobe. Whether you select bow ties patterns ranging from floral, paisley, stripes, polka dots or geometric patterns we hand choose premium fabrics to fit your distinctive style needs. Please visit our online store at www.thebowstyle and view our wide variety of bow ties, pocket squares and lapel pins.

If you aren't sure what bow tie is the ideal option for you, our style team will be happy to make a few recommendations. Get in contact with us and let's select the right bow tie print and fabric for your outfit.
















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I really appreciate you sharing this blog! I’ve noticed more and more men wearing bow ties, which has peaked my interest. After reading this I fully understand why they’re so stylish and now I’m looking forward to joining the club of bow tie wearers and choosing first bow from The Bow Style!!

William Staton

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